How does Thermage Tighten Sagging Neck Skin?

What is Thermage?

Thermage is a non-surgical way to tighten excess or sagging skin and restore a youthful appearance. The procedure can be used on the skin of the face or body, and it leaves no visible scars. There is almost no downtime after the procedure, and results are visible after only one treatment and can last for years.

How does Thermage work?

Thermage uses a hand-held device that emits radio frequency waves to stimulate the deep layers of the skin to produce more collagen. This allows the body to fill in sagging skin with its own natural collagen, restoring a youthful appearance. Your results with Thermage may be visible immediately, but they may also improve over time as your body continues to produce new collagen.

The procedure usually takes around an hour, and only one treatment is necessary to see results. There are no special preparations or pre-procedure tests as with surgical procedures.

How does Abadir Associates use Thermage?

At Abadir Associates, we offer an integrative treatment to reverse the signs aging on the neck. We combine Thermage to tighten and tone the skin, Palomar Lux 154 to diminish the brown and red collar around the neck, and Sculptra to correct wrinkles and folds in the neck by replacing lost collagen. This unique fusion of procedures allows our team to deliver the best results for neck rejuvenation.

For more information, or to schedule an appointment to see if Thermage is right for you, contact Abadir Associates today.

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