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Signs of Aging Hands and How to Treat Them

Do you ever examine your hands and wonder whose they are? While often overlooked, hands bear the brunt of aging and often show the passage of time much faster than the face and neck. From age spots to wrinkles, changes to our hands happen quickly and almost without warning.

What causes hands to age?

Our hands play a critical role in our daily lives. Beyond facilitating our actions and expressing our emotions, hands are also exposed to the elements on a daily basis. Decreased elastin and collagen production combined with sun damage change the texture of skin. Some of the most common signs of aging include:

Age Spots

Brown spots develop as a result of time spent outside in the sun and gradually increase in size over the years. While age spots are often mistaken for freckles or confused with melanoma, these hyperpigmentations are completely benign. Aesthetic treatment options that patients commonly choose to address their age spots include cryotherapy, laser therapy, chemical peels, microdermabrasion, and lightening creams/lotions.

Thinning Skin

Your face isn’t the only place to show signs of lost collagen and elastin. When skin on the hands begins to lose its elasticity, the skin also loses its fullness. Soon, veins become more noticeable, and the skin gains a thin paper-like texture. Options for treatment include fillers like Juvederm and fat transfer. For individuals with very large veins, these non-surgical solutions may not sufficiently hide newly visible veins. In this instances, our team may recommend sclerotherapy.


Who knew your hands could also become wrinkled? As mentioned, when elastin and collagen production slow, skin becomes thinner and begins to sag, creating distinctive wrinkles across the area. When it comes to tackling this texture change on hands, options like light chemical peels and laser treatment can help tighten and rejuvenate skin. Between appointments, our doctors may recommend using a retinol or glycolic acid lotion.

Actinic keratoses

These rough, dry patches develop when hands are exposed to UV lights in the form of tanning beds or natural sunlight. Often appearing as a cluster, actinic keratoses is considered a precancer to squamous cell carcinoma, the second most common form of skin cancer. As a result, removal of AKs when they are still small can help protect your health. After a biopsy has been completed, our Westchester County dermatologists can recommend the appropriate treatment for your condition.

General Tips for Preserving Your Skin

In addition to individually treating these common signs of aging, patients can incorporate certain steps to keep their hands from betraying their true age. For starters, we strongly recommend daily moisturizing with a good, high-quality hand lotion. Not only does intensive moisture help skin maintain its ability to retain moisture, it can help prolong the results of your hand rejuvenation.

Hand protection is another overlooked but important step in keeping your hands looking younger longer. Our hands are exposed to a lot on a regular basis. Protecting them with gloves when cleaning or handling harsh chemicals can help minimize potential damage and preserve your results.

Beyond at home care, rejuvenation is an ongoing process that requires professional support. In addition to a robust home care routine, regularly visiting a dermatologist for rejuvenation treatments and recommendations can help ensure you and your hands retain their youthful appearance. In Westchester County, Abadir Associates offers a wealth of rejuvenation treatments for patients looking to look and feel their absolute best. To learn more about available solutions, call (914) 937-7593 to schedule your consultation today!


New Year, New You! Why 2017 Is Your Year for Body Contouring

New Year, new you!

Many people strive to live by this mantra. After all, life becomes more beautiful when you live each day trying to be better than you were yesterday. If you want to take over your health and fitness this 2017 – it’s not too late to start! You can definitely benefit from body contouring procedures, in addition to your diet and exercise routines.

Although it’s already February, you can still include body-contouring procedures in your 2017 goals. Here are some of the reasons you should:

  • Boosts your self-esteem

Beauty can undoubtedly increase your self-confidence. When you look good, you’ll also feel good. This can lead to increased confidence, which can translate to success in your personal and professional life.

Additionally, changes in your physical appearance can improve your perspectives in life. You may become more hopeful and optimistic. You may also become more sociable, especially when you meet new people. Body contouring procedures can also help you be more competitive and fearless, especially when you face difficult obstacles. With such positive effects, success in your endeavors won’t be just a dream but a reality as well.

  • Helps reach your goals faster

Body contouring procedures, such as a liposuction, can complement your health and fitness goals. This is particularly true in cases wherein you see little to no improvements in your weight loss efforts. Excess skin or stubborn fat could be the reason you don’t see any improvements in your contours, and a procedure may be just what you need in such instances.

  • Lets you enjoy the results longer

If you schedule body-contouring procedures early in the year, there’s a higher chance that you can enjoy the results longer. Plus, there are procedures that are best performed while the weather is cold, as the low temperatures can make your recovery comfortable.

Procedures to Try

With the benefits explained, perhaps you might want to include these procedures in your 2017 goals. Many of our patients have found that these body-contouring procedures complemented their goals:

  • Liposuction – Removes stubborn fat in your neck and body.
  • Thermage – A non-surgical option that tightens excess skin, eliminates loose skin in the neck, and reduces the signs of aging.
  • Cellulite Treatments – Reduces the appearance of cellulite in the body, so you can have a smooth contour.
  • Hand Rejuvenation – Rejuvenates the hands and makes them appear younger.

If many individuals found success with the help of these procedures, so can you. To learn more about how these treatments can help you achieve your goals, consult with our board-certified doctors at Abadir Associates. Call today to book an appointment.

Hand Rejuvenation with Thermage: Why You Should Do It?


Admit it. If you could wear gloves all the time to hide your age, you probably would. The hands are usually the first ones to give away our age as they’re most likely to be exposed to the elements that cause the signs of aging to develop quickly, even if you’re still in your early 20s.

The good news is if we can rejuvenate the face through surgery or non-surgical cosmetic procedures, we can certainly do the same with the hands. That’s right. Hand rejuvenation is definitely possible with the use of Thermage.

What Is Thermage and What Does It Do?

At a glance, Thermage is a cosmetic procedure that restores youthful appearance by tightening excess or sagging skin without the need for surgery. Thermage reduces the signs of aging seen on the hands by emitting radiofrequency waves in order to stimulate collagen production.

What Are the Benefits of Thermage?

While there are many other options for hand rejuvenation, you might want to try Thermage first before resorting to surgery. Why? Because there are many benefits Thermage offers that you don’t want to miss out on. Trust us when we say you can enjoy the following with this non-surgical procedure:

  1. No downtime required.

Most cosmetic procedures require some downtime to help your body heal. With Thermage, you don’t need to take time off. This procedure easily fits into a busy schedule, so you can get back to your normal routine without missing a beat. You might feel some slight discomfort after the treatment but not enough to cause setbacks in your daily routine.

  1. You only need one session.

Some treatments require more than one session to get satisfying results. Not with Thermage, though, as you only need one treatment to see results. You may require more than one session for multiple areas, but one treatment is enough to rejuvenate your hands.

  1. You can see results after one day.

What’s unique about Thermage is that results can be seen sooner than later. In some procedures, you have to wait for the bruising or swelling to subside before you can see results. This is not the case with Thermage because you only need to wait for 24 hours to notice some changes.

With Thermage, hand rejuvenation can be effortless, painless and instantaneous. To learn more about this non-surgical anti-aging treatment, and whether or not this is right for you, consult with Dr. Abadir today.

Reclaim Younger-Looking Hands with Hand Rejuvenation Treatments

Whether you’re giving high fives, shaReclaim Younger-Looking Hands with Hand Rejuvenation Treatmentsking hands, waving gracefully, or showing off that new engagement ring, your hands need to look their best. Hand rejuvenation at Abadir Associates can restore a youthful look to your hands, fading away brown spots, smoothing wrinkles and tightening skin. Call us today and learn more about your options… beauty is a head-to-toe (and hands too) experience.

Why Should I Consider Hand Rejuvenation?

Thanks to cosmetic treatments, men and women are enjoying younger-looking faces as they age, but the hands are often forgotten. They shouldn’t be. The hands are one of the first places the signs of aging start to appear. Hand rejuvenation can:

  • Help the hands look younger
  • Minimize the appearance of veins and tendons
  • Remove age spots
  • Restore lost volume in the hands
  • Eliminate the skeletal look common in older hands
  • Tighten loose skin

You can dramatically reduce the signs of aging in your hands through hand rejuvenation. Your face looks great; don’t forget about your hands.

What Treatments Should I Consider for Hand Rejuvenation?

If you’re interested in hand rejuvenation, give us a call. We can provide customized advice about the best treatments for your specific concerns. Some popular hand rejuvenation treatments include:

  • Chemical Peels: Chemical peels aren’t just for the face. They work well for removing brown spots and refreshing the skin on your hands.
  • IPL: If you have brown spots, you may benefit from IPL. This treatment uses intense light to combat brown spots and rejuvenate the skin. This favorite facial treatment works great on the hands.
  • Fillers: Soft tissue fillers can plump up the skin reducing the appearance of veins and tendons and restoring a youthful volume to the hands. We can use temporary fillers or permanent ones, depending on your needs and desires.
  • Thermage: Tighten up loose skin with Thermage. This treatment is great for treating crepey skin on the hands and pairs especially well with filler treatments.

Restore the look of youth to your hands. Call us today and book your appointment.