miraDry: The Safe and Effective Cure for Excess Sweating

miraDry: The Safe and Effective Cure for Excess Sweating

What is miraDry?

A safe, FDA-cleared sweat reduction solution, miraDry is a non-surgical treatment that is clinically proven to reduce sweating. Prescription antiperspirants, botulinum toxin A injections and oral medications just temporarily reduce the problem, whereas miraDry provides long-lasting relief without surgery.

The treatment uses electromagnetic energy to heat the sweat glands under the arm, eliminating them. Sweat glands do not regenerate, making the results of this procedure very long-lasting. It is non-invasive (no cuts or incisions needed) and requires no downtime. Results can be seen immediately after treatment. In one clinical study, patients experienced an average of 82% reduction in underarm sweat.

Is miraDry Painful?

Before your miraDry treatment, we will numb the underarm area using a local anesthetic to ensure your comfort throughout the procedure. You may feel pressure, a pulling sensation and feelings of warmth. On a 1 to 10 pain scale (10 being the highest), the average discomfort level is 2. Treatment takes about an hour and is typically well tolerated, both during and after treatment.

After treatment, you may experience some discomfort, but this is usually controlled quite easily with over-the-counter pain medications and ice packs. You can return to normal activities (including most careers) immediately. Avoid exercise for a few days.

Is miraDry Effective?

Does it feel like you’ve already tried every other option to control your sweat, without the results you’ve been hoping for? miraDry is different. Most patients experience dramatic, long lasting sweat reduction after treatment. Typically, two treatments are needed for optimal results. Of course, results can vary, but overall the procedure has an 89% “Worth It” rating from realself.com. For many, miraDry treatment means the end of too much sweat.

Do I Need miraDry?

How much should I sweat? Many people wonder if their sweat levels are normal. If you sweat more than you’d like, come see us and find out if miraDry is right for you. In general, you may have excessive sweating if:

  • You’re embarrassed by your sweat.
  • You find yourself applying antiperspirant multiple times a day.
  • You change your clothes due to sweating.
  • You choose clothing based on how well it hides sweat.
  • You’re embarrassed to lift your arms in public.
  • You’ve ruined clothing due to sweat.

If you’ve got excessive sweating, miraDry may be the solution you’re seeking. Call us today at 914-937-7593 and ask about miraDry.

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