Can Lip Fillers Heal Dry Winter Lips?

Facing chapped or cracked lips? You’re not alone. Dry winter weather can be harsh on skin and especially harsh on delicate lips. But before you reach for another tube of lip balm, consider a more permanent solution – lip fillers.

Dry Winter Weather and Your Lips

Lack of moisture in the air and steady heater use are often the guilty culprits behind why lips and skin are so prone to drying out during the cold months. In contrast to balmy, humid summer days, cold winter weather has little to no moisture in the air. Combined with the drying effect of having a building heater on around the clock, skin can quickly lose moisture unless otherwise supplemented. While some remember to update their skincare regimen to account for this drying effect, lip care is somewhat overlooked.

Beyond these environmental factors, behavior and diet can also factor into lip health and appearance. During the winter months, salty, delicious comfort foods, as well as numerous social engagements, can easily derail a healthy diet. In addition, not drinking enough water can impact your skin’s health and may exacerbate the weather’s drying effects.

Dermal fillers – the newest treatment for chapped lips

Often used to add volume to fine lines and wrinkles, dermal fillers have long been considered among the best treatments for stalling the effects of aging. In the case of treating dried out lips, hyaluronic-based fillers include a key ingredient that not only adds volume but helps cells retain moisture for longer periods of time.

Hyaluronic acid is a natural substance found primarily in skin cells throughout the body. This important substance is responsible for helping cells retain moisture, keeping skin looking smooth and radiant. As we age, however, the aging process combined with exposure to environmental stressors can damage cells at a rate that outpaces hyaluronic production. This further contributes to the aging process and accelerates the development of fine lines and wrinkles across the face. As a result, hyaluronic acid fillers are applied to help restore volume as well as help cells retain water around the injection site.

Using these dermal fillers to heal dry winter lips follows a similar concept. By injecting the injectables into the lips, patients are directly applying much needed hyaluronic acid to an, especially vulnerable area. This gives skin cells a much-needed boost in the ability to retain moisture despite the cold, winter weather outdoors and drying heat inside.

Another important advantage that comes with using dermal fillers for chapped lips is treatment longevity. Most dermal fillers provide results that last anywhere from three to six months, seeing patients through the harshest winter months without needed a touch-up. As the filler material gradually dissolves, patients don’t need to about a drastic change in their appearance once winter is over. In fact, some individuals find the winter months to be an excellent time to try out dermal fillers and continue to receive touch-ups year-round.

Finally, dermal fillers have the added bonus of quick treatment time and no recovery. For busy individuals who don’t have the time to remember to reapply intensive lip balm or invest in a multi-step treatment, dermal fillers are the perfect treatment option. Usually, patients are able to come in for a 30-minute treatment and can get back to their schedule without having to think about retreatment until the spring.

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