How Long Does Botox Last?

The results from a Botox treatment can last anywhere from 2-8 months, though most patients will see their results for about 4 months. The duration will vary from patient to patient, and it also depends on how much Botox is injected.

Botox is made from botulinium toxin, a substance that temporarily paralyzes the muscles at the injection site – when the muscles have less mobility, deep lines and wrinkles will smooth out. Patients with heavier frown lines and deeper forehead wrinkles tend to have stronger muscles, and these stronger muscles are more resistant to the paralytic action of the Botox.

Your cosmetic dermatologist may also treat you with varying amounts of Botox on different parts of your face. The contents of a Botox shot are measured in units, and injecting more units of Botox into one area will generally give a stronger and longer-lasting result. A skilled dermatologist in Westchester who knows the best technique for delivering Botox injections will be able to provide longer-lasting results.

Several other factors may also influence the duration of a Botox treatment. Botox is sensitive to heat, excessive shaking (such as moving the bottles around too often), and time. Botox stored unrefrigerated or not used within a suitable amount of time will not have as powerful a result and could even harm the patient.

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