What is Radiesse?

Radiesse is an injectable dermal filler that is particularly well-suited to restoring lost volume in the skin due to aging. It’s an excellent way to reduce the appearance of deep lines, soften and fill hollowed areas of the face, or even enhance the chin without a chin implant.

Radiesse provides immediate results, and does more than simply fill in the skin – it provides a structural base for collagen and stimulates the body to produce more of its own natural collagen.  This provides a natural look, and results often a year or more.  Radiesse is suitable for filling deeper lines around the mouth (“parentheses”), lines extending downward from the corners of the mouth (“marionette lines”), and for filling in the jaw line and jowls.  It can also soften and fill flattened cheeks, hollowed temples, enhance the chin, and fill in the backs of hands to give the hands a younger look.

Why choose Radiesse injections?

Radiesse is a fast, effective, and safe way to restore a full and natural look to your skin.  The treatment stimulates the body to produce more collagen in the area, restoring volume to hollowed or sagging areas of the face or hands.  Because Radiesse is made from calcium-based microspheres found naturally in the body, allergy testing before treatments is not necessary.

Radiesse offers immediate results, and skin’s appearance will continue to improve over time as the body produces more collagen.  The effects of Radiesse often last 9-14 months.

Who is a candidate for Radiesse treatments?

Treatments with Radiesse are an excellent option for individuals with deep facial wrinkles, especially around the mouth and the nose.  Radiesse can also be used to “fill” loose and aging skin of the hands and face; to fill hollowed areas of the face such as the cheeks, restoring a full and soft appearance and diminishing jowls; and to enhance the chin without using a chin implant.

To see if Radiesse treatments are right for you, schedule a consultation with Abadir Associates today.

Why choose Dr. Abadir?

At Abadir Associates, Drs. Dale and Michelle Abadir combine their intense passion for helping men and women look and feel their best with years of experience in cosmetic dermatology.  They take a more personal, patient-centered approach – focusing on what is best for the patient’s needs and desires.

With steady hands, a thorough knowledge of skin rejuvenation treatments, and a focus on personal care for their patients, Drs. Dale and Michelle Abadir provide the best in skin care treatments.  Conveniently located in Rye Brook, Abadir Associates serves Westchester, Manhattan, and Southern Connecticut. For more information on Radiesse, Botox Injections, Dysport, or Restylane and Juvederm wrinkle treatments, please Contact Us online.

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