As we age, our facial appearance needs help in maintaining youthful beauty. Wrinkles, lines, and folds are a consequence of years passing, and over-the-counter solutions become less effective. There comes a time when we need help from proven advancements in aesthetic medicine.

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Injectable Treatments

Abadir Associates offers several injectable treatment options for anti-aging skin care. Injectable dermal fillers applied to the face and neck add volume to your skin, giving it a smoother appearance and helping to fight the signs of aging.

We offer the following injectable treatments:


Juvéderm is a smooth gel formula consisting of tiny microscopic particles which fill the skin instantly, smoothing away folds and facial wrinkles. Juvéderm uses Hylacross technology to create a malleable, smooth injectable gel. It contains hyaluronic acid, a natural complex sugar which bolsters skin elasticity, providing a supple and smooth appearance. Juvéderm is biocompatible, augmenting the body’s natural hyaluronic acid, which depletes with age.

One advantage Juvéderm has over some of its more rigid predecessors is its pliant gel consistency, which can provide a smoother skin presence and may last longer, maintaining an improved appearance for up to nine months.

Juvéderm Voluma XC

Voluma XC is specially formulated to instantly restore volume lost due to aging in the cheeks and chin. If your facial skin appears hollow or sunken, low levels of hyaluronic acid are likely to blame. This substance exists to support skin structure giving it a youthful, firm appearance. With age, HA decreases gradually, slowly reducing facial volume and underlying moisture. Add this to other factors and an increase in the presence of fine lines and wrinkles is the result.

We can apply Juvéderm Voluma XC into the cheek areas to restore natural suppleness. These injections boost volume and facial contours to these target areas. Within minutes, Voluma XC restores your cheek volume to a plump and full appearance. More definition will be evident instantly, with zero downtime allowing you to continue with your day.


Restylane is a smooth gel formula like Juvederm. Restylane’s gel consists of larger microscopic particles, giving it a heavier consistency and making it suitable for filling in larger areas of the face.

For sculpting lips, smoothing wrinkles, and enhancing facial contours, the Restylane injectables are an ever-increasing trend in cosmetic procedures. Restylane is especially useful around the nose and mouth. Results can lasting six months or longer. We can apply Restylane as a standalone treatment or combine it with other treatments like lip enhancement.


Radiesse contains a substance which stimulates the production of natural collagen, restoring lost volume in the skin due to aging. The gel comprises an organic compound of oxygen, hydrogen, and carbon with glycerin and sterile water as well. It stimulates thin connective tissue to form around the microspheres, so they act as a filler which remains implanted at the treatment site permanently.

Formerly Radiance, Radiesse is a non-allergenic, non-toxic, biocompatible dermal filler which reduces the facial skin folds and wrinkles around the nose and mouth and can smooth certain scars. Another benefit is its long-lasting results of two years or more.

Results are evident within a week with some mild swelling which subsides after a day or two.


Belotero assimilates with the skin and adapts to facial contours, plumping and adding volume to the face. It is an injectable dermal filler which is made from hyaluronic acid, making it effective for minimizing facial wrinkles and folds. It is effective for patients with moderate to severe wrinkles, and it works rapidly to remove facial lines and folds.

Sculptra Aesthetic

Sculptra is an injection which gives subtle results over time, helping correct shallow to deep wrinkles and folds by replacing lost collagen.

The Sculptra filler can provide up to an 80 percent improvement in the treated sites. It produces visible results in three to six treatment sessions, lasting up to two years.


Botox is a neuromodulator that prevents the muscle activity responsible for creating and sustaining dynamic wrinkles and lines. It is the most popular cosmetic treatment worldwide and is effective in diminishing horizontal lines across the forehead, vertical lines between the eyebrows, and crow’s feet.


Dysport is also a neuromodulator effective in diminishing dynamic wrinkles and lines. Like Botox, it is a purified protein peptide which relaxes the muscles at the injection site, allowing for a reduction in the appearance of deep wrinkles in the skin. Dysport is a purified protein which relaxes the muscles which form wrinkles temporarily, smoothing the skin and delivering a youthful appearance.

Lip Injections

Lip Injections offer a natural-looking and quick outcome with few side effects and no downtime. The pliable and soft nature of the gel filler allows your dermatologist to shape your lips to your desired result.

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