Ear Lobe Repair


Damaged or misshapen earlobes can be easily corrected with a minor surgical procedure. Abadir Associates also a quick fix for very thin earlobes to make them thicker and less likely to tear.

What Kind of Earlobe Problems Can Dr. Abadir Repair?

Abadir Associates can repair a number of outer ear problems, including earlobes that are:

  • Torn
  • Misshapen
  • Stretched from wearing earrings with a high gauge
  • Elongated from wearing heavy earrings
  • Very thin and easy-to-tear

What Are the Procedures Like?

Your earlobe repair and reshaping procedure will depend on the nature of the problem and the extent of the damage to your earlobes. Many torn or slightly damaged lobes can be repaired with a simple procedure using only local anesthetic. To treat very thin earlobes, your cosmetic dermatologist will inject a permanent thickening material into your earlobe to help increase the volume and make your earlobes less likely to tear in the future.

Why Choose Dr. Abadir?

Drs. Dale and Michelle Abadir are experts in cosmetic procedures like earlobe repair and reshaping. They perform procedures comfortably in their office serving clients in Westchester, Rye Brook and the surrounding areas. Their years of expertise in cosmetic dermatology help them fix earlobe problems to their clients’ exact specifications as well as recommend the best course of treatment.


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