Body Shaping

Body shaping refers to the removal of unwanted fat deposits to give a more appealing shape, which yields an improved self-image, and greater ease of wearing clothes. For instance, many of our patients have found that protruding abdominal fat, or excessive fatty bulges on the sides of the hips, greatly impacts the choice of pants and skirts they would like to wear.

Drs. Dale and Michelle Abadir, have both been performing traditional liposuction with tumescent anesthesia for many years. The procedure is very safe, and the results most satisfactory.  Recently there has been the advent of new devices to “melt” or in other ways reduce fat in non-invasive ways from devices placed on the skin. We always research thoroughly the safety and effectiveness of any new treatment before bringing it into our office. When testing these machines we found the resultant loss in fat to be disappointingly small and felt that our patients would not be happy with the results.

However, this technology is rapidly advancing, and we are continually looking at new devices as they become FDA approved. When we find one which gives significant improvement we will make it available in our office for our patients.