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I Want to Get Rid of this Unsightly Vein. Tell Me More About the Removal Process.

leg vein treatment

Do you have unsightly, visible veins? Patients often come to us concerned with the appearance of the veins on their legs. These veins aren’t just unattractive, but they also cause many patients pain, discomfort, and significant embarrassment. If you have spider veins or varicose veins, come see us. Treatment options are available.

What Are Spider Veins? What Are Varicose Veins?

The terms spider veins and varicose veins are often used interchangeably, but they aren’t the same. Understanding the type of veins you have will help you determine which treatment options may be most appropriate. Before any vein treatment, we will provide a careful examination and a diagnosis of your skin to choose the best treatment option for you.

Spider veins are small and often appear on the thighs, lower legs, face, and chest. They can be red, blue, or purple. They are caused by a weakening of the blood vessels, which allows more blood to enter. This is what makes them much more noticeable under thin skin. They are not painful and form just under the outer layers of skin.

Varicose veins are larger and form at a much deeper level. They are also caused by a weakening of the blood vessels, which can allow blood to back up and pool in these enlarged veins. Varicose veins are often bulging in appearance and may be raised above the skin’s surface. Those suffering from varicose veins may feel a heaviness in their legs, a throbbing or cramping sensation, aching, or swelling.

What Are My Treatment Options for Spider and Varicose Veins?

If you have spider or varicose veins, call and schedule an appointment. We can treat them and relieve the discomfort and embarrassment you may be experiencing. We typically use Schlerotherapy, as this is considered to be the gold standard of treatment for leg veins. Some dermatologists use lasers, but we have found them to be less reliable than Sclerotherapy. Read more on the procedure below:

  • Sclerotherapy- Sclerotherapy includes an injection of a chemical solution into the veins to close them off and turn them into scar tissue. This is our primary treatment option for patients with varicose veins. The procedure requires no downtime and is not painful (just mild stinging during the procedure). The veins should fade several weeks after the procedure, although retreatment is sometimes necessary. Sclerotherapy is very effective at eliminating varicose veins.

Don’t live with the embarrassment of unsightly or painful veins. Treatment is available. Call today to learn more about your options.