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Can You Gift Someone Skincare for the Holidays?

It’s the time of year where many of us are going through our holiday lists to make sure we’ve gotten something for those who we care about most. Rather than getting your loved ones something that will go unused, consider getting them the gift of self-care with professional skincare?

The True Value of Gifting Skincare

Gifting skincare is a great way of giving friends and family the chance to focus on their own health and wellness for a change. While we may make resolutions at the beginning of the year to take better care of ourselves, consistent self-care is often the first to fall to the wayside. Work stress, hectic home schedules, and other aspects of life can quickly swallow up time, energy and resources that could otherwise be spent of self-care.

While the choice to undergo professional treatment is certainly personal, gifting procedures can be thoughtful and done in a way that is sensitive to the personal nature of care.

How to Purchase Skincare for as a Gift

There are several different ways to go about gifting skincare. At Abadir Associates, we’ve pulled together our tips for giving professional treatments to friends and family members.

Confirm the desire for professional care:

Most close friends and family members may have been able to pick up from passing conversation that the recipient is looking for more ways to care for themselves. Given the personal nature of this gift, having confirmation that they would be receptive to treatment can help you avoid any awkwardness that may arise from purchasing such a personal gift.

Give as a gift card

When giving skincare and other professional medical treatments, knowing what you’ll be gifting is an important factor. Some find it easiest to give gift cards to a preferred dermatologist. This way, the loved one can go through the consultation process and work with a skin specialist to develop a comprehensive treatment strategy that best suits their needs. Others choose to gift specific treatments that they know their loved one has long considered. Some of the most popular procedures purchased as gifts at our practice include:

Dermal Fillers

Options like Juvederm, Radiesse, and Restylane are excellent options at almost every age. Designed to add volume to different parts of the face, dermal fillers have been successfully used to help diminish the appearance of wrinkles as well as add natural-looking volume to the lips.

Botox and Dysport

Another popular form of injectable cosmetic dermatology, Botox and Dysport are among our most frequently gifted treatment options at Abadir Associates. In addition to being used to stall existing wrinkles and lines, these botulinum-based treatments are gaining popularity as a proactive treatment against aging.


Microneedling is a minimally invasive procedure perfect for smoothing away fine lines, wrinkles, scars and stretch marks. During the procedure, a mechanized device is used to stimulate your skin’s natural healing process and increase collagen and elastin production.

Chemical Peels

Perhaps among the most comprehensive skin care treatments, chemical peels are an excellent way to rejuvenate skin and restore a patient’s “glow”. Gifting several sessions can be a great way of helping a loved one start their new year with smooth, clear skin.

Give the Gift of Skincare at Abadir Associates

Give a gift that you know will be appreciated and put to good use. At Abadir Associates, our specialists can help you give the gift of skincare and self-love to your loved ones. To learn more, call our team at 914-937-7593 and schedule your consultation. Together, we’ll help you find the perfect solution for your friend or family member.



I Thought I Was Done with Acne. What’s the Best Treatment for Adult Acne?

adult acne treatment

Acne can strike at any age (infancy, childhood, teen years, or adulthood), but that doesn’t make it a pleasant experience. If you’re struggling with adult acne, come get help. We can assist you in getting the clear skin you desire. Don’t be embarrassed by your acne anymore.

What Causes Acne?

Acne occurs when oil producing sebaceous glands in the skin are clogged or irritated. Acne has many forms and can manifest as blackheads, whiteheads, pimples, cysts, or a combination of these. It has many causes, including overproduction of oil, an accumulation of dead skin cells, or a buildup of bacteria on the skin. Acne is most common on the face, but can occur in many places on the body.

Acne Is Very Treatable

The good news is that acne is very treatable. We have many options we can use to clear your skin. The best treatments are chosen based on the severity and persistence of your acne. We’ll work with you to find a treatment that works. Let’s explore some potential options.

  • IPL- A fabulous anti-aging treatment with acne benefits, too, IPL (also known as photorejuvenation) can clear your skin and help you look younger, too. A true win-win!
  • Topical Creams- Topical creams applied to the face/body can reduce inflammation and mask the signs and symptoms of acne.
  • Antibiotics- Both topical and oral antibiotics can reduce bacteria on the skin for fewer breakouts.
  • Oral Contraceptives- If acne is caused by an overactive gland, oral contraceptives can help.
  • Anti-Testosterone Medication- For women with high levels of male hormones, anti-testosterone medication may reduce acne.
  • Facials with Peels- Facials and peels are a powerful combination for fighting acne. The facial calms the skin and reduces swelling while a gentle peel sloughs away dead skin cells.
  • Microdermabrasion- Microdermabrasion removes the outermost, dead skin cells. This treatment can be combined with a facial or light peel.
  • Photodynamic Therapy- We can use light to shrink the sebaceous glands.
  • Vitamins- For some patients, specific vitamins can decrease the appearance of acne and improve the appearance of the sin.

If you have acne, we can help. Call Abadir Associates today and learn more about your treatment options. Don’t delay; early treatment can help reduce or even prevent the occurrence of acne scars.

Winter Skin Care: How to Keep Your Skin Safe this Winter

Is your skin ready for winter? As the seasons change, so do your skin care needs. Winter skin needs pampering and protection. These tips will help you protect your skin all season long.

Moisturize… A LOT!

winter skinThe cold winter air hold less humidity than warm, summer air. Add to this the dry air created by heaters in your home and office and you’ll find your skin screaming for moisture. Opt for a rich, thick winter moisturizer and apply it often. Finding the right wintertime moisturizer can be tricky. If you need help, come in and ask for personalized product recommendations. We carry a wide range of skin care products to keep your skin looking gorgeous all year round.

Here are a few great moisturizers to consider:

  • Abadir Associates Oil Free Moisturizer– Even oily skin needs a moisturizer during the winter, but the key is finding one that won’t clog your pores. This oil free moisturizer from our own skin care line offers perfect hydration for acne prone skin.
  • SkinCeuticals Emollience Cream– Formulated with natural oils and extracts, this cream from SkinCeuticals is rich and moisturizing. It is a great cold weather product for those with dry to normal skin.

To help your skin retain its moisture, avoid hot showers and baths and always moisturize afterwards.

Use Sunscreen

Winter weather is sunscreen weather. In fact, sunscreen should be a year round habit. This is important every day, but essential if you’re going to be outdoors. Make sure you apply extra sunscreen if you’re hitting theslopes. Skiers and snowboarders are at an increased risk for overexposure to UV rays. The higher elevation and the sun reflecting off the snow means that sunscreen is a must, even on cloudy days. Most skiers and snowboarders don’t use enough. You need at least a teaspoon for the face. And don’t forget your lips, ears, and necks.

Treat Sun Damage

If you do have sun damage, winter is a great time to get treatment. In general we spend less time outside during the winter. Since you need to stay out of the sun during laser skin rejuvenation treatments, winter is an ideal time.

This treatment can improve the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, sun damage and brown spots, dull skin, scars, sagging skin, and more. Take advantage of the indoor time this winter and get your skin glowing for spring.

Try a Humidifier

The dry air of winter is one of the primary causes of your dry skin. If you can, try using a humidifier at home or in your office to restore the moisture to your skin.

Gorgeous winter skin is possible if you give your skin the extra TLC it needs. These skin care tips will keep your skin gorgeous until spring.


Reclaim Younger-Looking Hands with Hand Rejuvenation Treatments

Whether you’re giving high fives, shaReclaim Younger-Looking Hands with Hand Rejuvenation Treatmentsking hands, waving gracefully, or showing off that new engagement ring, your hands need to look their best. Hand rejuvenation at Abadir Associates can restore a youthful look to your hands, fading away brown spots, smoothing wrinkles and tightening skin. Call us today and learn more about your options… beauty is a head-to-toe (and hands too) experience.

Why Should I Consider Hand Rejuvenation?

Thanks to cosmetic treatments, men and women are enjoying younger-looking faces as they age, but the hands are often forgotten. They shouldn’t be. The hands are one of the first places the signs of aging start to appear. Hand rejuvenation can:

  • Help the hands look younger
  • Minimize the appearance of veins and tendons
  • Remove age spots
  • Restore lost volume in the hands
  • Eliminate the skeletal look common in older hands
  • Tighten loose skin

You can dramatically reduce the signs of aging in your hands through hand rejuvenation. Your face looks great; don’t forget about your hands.

What Treatments Should I Consider for Hand Rejuvenation?

If you’re interested in hand rejuvenation, give us a call. We can provide customized advice about the best treatments for your specific concerns. Some popular hand rejuvenation treatments include:

  • Chemical Peels: Chemical peels aren’t just for the face. They work well for removing brown spots and refreshing the skin on your hands.
  • IPL: If you have brown spots, you may benefit from IPL. This treatment uses intense light to combat brown spots and rejuvenate the skin. This favorite facial treatment works great on the hands.
  • Fillers: Soft tissue fillers can plump up the skin reducing the appearance of veins and tendons and restoring a youthful volume to the hands. We can use temporary fillers or permanent ones, depending on your needs and desires.
  • Thermage: Tighten up loose skin with Thermage. This treatment is great for treating crepey skin on the hands and pairs especially well with filler treatments.

Restore the look of youth to your hands. Call us today and book your appointment.

Thermage: An Important Body Contouring Procedure

When you think of body contouring, you Thermage: An Important Body Contouring Procedureprobably think about liposuction to reshape the thighs or remove that post-baby abdominal bulge. While lipo is a great choice for removing larger amounts of fat, it does nothing to improve the quality of the skin that remains. If you have loose, crepey skin (common with aging) before lipo, you’ll have loose skin after, just less fat. Thermage is a great complement to body contouring (or a stand-alone treatment for patients with loose skin, but without large fat pockets) because it skin so you can really appreciate those contours. It is also a great body contouring option for patients with cellulite because it tightens and smooths, reducing the appearance of cellulite bumps.

What Is Thermage?

Thermage is a one-of-a-kind treatment that tightens up loose skin. It can be used on the face, neck and body, anywhere you’ve got loose skin. It uses radiofrequency to treat aging skin and is completely non-invasive. It is a safe and effective option for improving your appearance from head to toe.

Treatment takes between 45 to ninety minutes, depending on which area we’re treating. Only one treatment is required. You may get some immediate tightening and start seeing results in just a couple of days, with continued improvement for up to six months or even a year as your body produces new collagen. You’ll see fewer wrinkle, tighter, smoother and brighter skin. Best of all, results can last for years.

What’s Recovery Like?

Thermage has . After treatment you may have a bit of redness at the treatment area, but this fades quickly. For some areas, local anesthetic is injected to eliminate discomfort and allow optimum treatment levels. If local anesthetic is used, there may be some post-treatment bruising which resolves within a week, in most cases. The majority of people return to their regular activities immediately. This body contouring option requires no recovery restrictions.

Thermage for Body Contouring

How well does Thermage work for body contouring? Check out the results in their “Before and After” gallery. As you can see, this treatment works well on a variety of areas, including the abdomen, knees, arms, face, neck, and etcetera.

If you’ve got loose, saggy skin, liposuction isn’t your only solution. For many patients with loose skin, Thermage is a better body contouring choice, either on its own or paired with fat removal procedures like liposuction. Thermage can tighten your skin, smooth wrinkles and rejuvenate with just one treatment. Call us today and find out if this treatment is right for you.

What Can Sculptra Aesthetic Do for Me?

What Can Sculptra Aesthetic Do for Me?

Fight facial aging at the source. Sculptra Aesthetic is a unique facial injectable that targets the underlying causes of facial aging. If you want to turn back the clock on your look, call us at Abadir Associates and ask about Sculptra Aesthetic.

What Is Sculptra Aesthetic?

Sculptra Aesthetic is an injectable filler made from poly-L-lactic acid (a synthetic sugar material that has been safely used for decades in resorbable stitches and as a filler in many countries since 1999). It is biodegradable and biocompatible.

Sculptra works differently than other dermal fillers. It reinforces the skin’s structure by encouraging replacement of lost collagen deep within the dermis. This establishes a better foundation, which can gradually restore the look of fullness to the face. Because Scuptra Aesthetic corrects the cause of wrinkles, it can last much longer than fillers that just fill in wrinkles. With proper treatment, results can last more than two years. The results are very natural-looking.

The treatment is administered in a series of two to four treatment sessions. Generally, these sessions are spaced one to two months apart (we’ll create an individualized treatment plan with you).

Where In the Face Is Sculptra Aesthetic Used?

Sculptra Aesthetic is a great treatment for generalized facial aging. It can be used to lift hollows in the temples and cheeks, which improves the correction of the nasolabial folds (also called smile lines), lines around the mouth (marionette lines) and jowls. We have a unique treatment that we’ve created that uses Sculptra and Thermage as part of a treatment regimen for sagging necks.

What Should I Expect During My Sculptra Aesthetic Treatment?

Sculptra Aesthetic is administered by injections into the skin. The number and placement of the injections will vary depending on your treatment needs. After treatment, you can return to your regular activities immediately. Many patients have a bit of swelling. As this fades, your lines and hollows will temporarily return until the collagen levels build to smooth the area. You’ll start to see results in a few weeks.

This treatment requires no downtime. The most common side effects are redness, swelling, tenderness, bruising, bleeding, itching or pain at the injection site, etc.

Complementary Procedures

Both Drs. Michelle and Dale Abadir are highly experienced with using Sculptra Aesthetic to treat facial aging. We also take a unique approach to this treatment by pairing it with Thermage to treat aging faces and necks. This revolutionary technique can drastically improve the appearance of sagging faces and necks without surgery.

Is Sculptra Aesthetic Right for Me?

If you have facial lines and wrinkles or a sagging neck, come see us and ask about Sculptra Aesthetic. This treatment can turn back the clock for a younger-looking you.

What Are My Facial Contouring Options?

Has your face lost it youthful contours? As the body ages, fat deposits can develop in undesirable locations like the jowls, neck, especially under the chin. Also, loss of volume in the cheeks, temples and below the eyes can give a haggard, aged appearance. Restore a more youthful look with facial contouring. What are your options? Find out below.

Liposuction for Facial Contouring

When people think of liposuction, they often think ofWhat Are My Facial Contouring Options? body contouring, but the body isn’t the only area that can benefit from liposuction. It can be a very effective option for facial contouring as well. We use a “mini” or “syringe” liposuction with local anesthesia. Liposuction can permanently remove excess fat from the cheeks, chin and neck to transform your facial appearance. The results can be dramatic and the recovery period is minimal.

We perform facial liposuction here in our offices. After a consultation, a small cannula is inserted into the skin through a tiny incision. We carefully place each incision in an inconspicuous location to reduce the appearance of scarring. These heal in 2-3 days and are virtually invisible. Excess fat is then extracted, using either a syringe or gentle suction pump attached to the cannula. This gives us great control of the fat removal and allows us to sculpt and reshape the area. Both Drs. Dale and Michelle Abadir are highly skilled in creating subtle, natural-looking facial contours through liposuction.

Are the Results Permanent?

Liposuction is a permanent fat removal method. The extracted fat cells are permanently gone and will not ever regenerate. If you gain weight after treatment, the fat will distribute throughout your existing fat cells. Since facial liposuction permanently removes fat cells, fat will not be able to return to the treated area should you gain a little weight.

Complementary Procedures

Facial liposuction can transform your face on its own, but is often paired with other procedures for even more dramatic results. Safe injections can be used to fill unattractive hollowing, and Thermage can tighten lax skin with no downtime for an even more youthful appearance. If needed, excess skin can be removed. Talk with Drs. Abadir about which procedures can complement your facial liposuction.

We will be one of the very earliest practices to offer Kybella, the newly approved injection to reduce fat deposits under the chin.

Do you have excess fat in the neck, chin or cheeks? Call us today and ask about facial contouring. Turn back the clock and restore your facial contours.

Stay Sweat-Free with miraDry®


That dreaded moment when you realize you’ve soaked your shirt with sweat. What do you do? Try and keep your arms down? Put on a sweater even though its 100 degrees outside? Cry? If you suffer from excessive perspiration, you know that sweating can cause a great deal of emotional turmoil, distracting you from life and work and overshadowing even happy moments. If you’re one of the 1 in 5 with excessive sweating, we’ve got good news. miraDry® is the solution. Come see us today!

What Is Excessive Sweating?

Excessive sweating is a common medical condition. Some people naturally sweat more than others. Their sweat glands are overactive and frequentlyStay Sweat-Free with miraDry® produce sweat, even when they should be resting or produce more sweat than is needed to cool the body. Some people produce four or five times more sweat than necessary.

Do you sweat too much? If you are embarrassed by the amount of sweat you produce, if you frequently apply antiperspirant, if you choose clothing based on how it hides sweat, or if you change your clothing more than once a day due to sweating, you may benefit from miraDry®. Contact us today and learn more.

What is miraDry®?

miraDry® is a safe, FDA cleared solution to excessive sweating. The procedure is non-invasive, no cuts or incisions required. We use a special device to apply electromagnetic energy to the underarm area to eliminate sweat glands. This procedure provides lasting results without surgery.

After treatment most patients return to their regular activities immediately with minimal to no downtime. Some patients have a bit of localized swelling or soreness which typically resolves within a few weeks.

Do You Have Questions?

Do you have questions about miraDry®? Call us today at 914-937-7593 to schedule an appointment. We’d love to discuss if miraDry® is right for you and answer any specific questions you may have. In the meantime keep reading for answers to some common questions about miraDry®.

  • Is Treatment Painful?- To ensure your comfort, miraDry® is performed under local anesthesia. You may feel some pressure, warm feelings, and light pulling with occasional “hot spots”. Most patients tolerate the procedure very well.
  • Is miraDry® Safe?- Safety is a top concern here at Abadir Associates. The miraDry® procedure is FDA cleared and has been performed on thousands of patients safely.
  • What Results Can I Expect?- Every patient’s results are different, but most experience a dramatic and lasting reduction of underarm sweat. This procedure has a RealSelf worth it rating of 98%. Past patients love it and you will too.

Call us today and ask about miraDry®.

How to Treat Under-Eye Circles

Are under-eye circles making you look tired, even after a full night’s sleep? Dark circles under the eyes can make you look tired and much older. Treatment options are available at Abadir Associates. Call us today and schedule your appointment. Treating under-eye circles can make a big difference in your appearance.

What Causes Under-Eye Circles?

Many people assume that fatigue is the only cause of dark circles under the eye. There are actually many causes (and most patients have multiple contributing factors). Some of the factors that contribute to under-eye circles include:

  • Stress
  • Lack of Sleep
  • Genetics
  • Sun Exposure
  • Allergies/Congestion
  • Eye Rubbing
  • Smoking
  • Alcohol Consumption
  • Naturally Dark Skin Pigmentation

Shadows caused by puffy eyelids or hollows under the eye (caused by loss of fat or collagen due to aging) may also contribute to the look of dark under-eye shadows. Don’t worry, we have treatment options available for these problems too.

What Are My Treatment Options?

WHow to Treat Under-Eye Circlese offer a variety of treatment options and find that many patients achieve the best results when combining multiple treatments. Talk with us and ask for treatment recommendations.

  • Prescription Creams: We may prescribe a prescription cream to treat dark circles. These creams are typically applied topically once or twice a day.
  • Dermal Fillers: Injectable dermal fillers can fill in hollows to reduce under-eye shadows. We offer a wide range of fillers and will choose the option best suited for your skin. Dr. Dale Abadir and Dr. Michelle Abadir are both highly skilled with using dermal fillers, an important consideration when using these products around the delicate eye area.
  • Lightening of Dark Skin Under the Eyes: Chemical peels, laser treatments, etc. may lighten the dark pigmentation under the eye. Regular sunscreen use can also reduce under eye circles caused by sun exposure.
  • Removal of Excessive Fat Deposits

This procedure is done safely and painlessly in-office with local anesthetic and a mild sedative. Dr. Dale Abadir has had cosmetic surgery training, as well as doing a dermatology residency, and has been performing this type of eyelid surgery for many years.

Do you have dark under-eye circles? Get treatment and discover a refreshed, younger looking you.

Celebrities Who Love Botox

Celebrities Who Love BotoxBotox and celebrities seem to go hand in hand. Hollywood actresses, famous musicians, reality stars and TV talk show hosts all use this product to maintain their ageless beauty. Does your favorite celebrity love Botox? We can’t list every famous fan of Botox here, but check out a few of our favorites below.

Kelly Ripa: Her Favorite Product

After years in the spotlight, Kelly Ripa still looks amazing. Her secret? Botox. She lauds it as her favorite product. She says that since she’s started using it, her makeup time is cut in half.

Kim Kardashian: Tried it on TV

Kim Kardashian has tried a bit of everything on her show Keeping Up With the Kardashians, including Botox. This treatment wasn’t just a promotional stunt for show though, she admits to using it to maintain her stunning looks.

Jenny McCarthy: A Little Goes a Long Way

Jenny McCarthy uses Botox on her forehead. She loves the product and what it does for her face. She loves that a little goes a long way. It doesn’t need a lot of Botox to make a big difference in your appearance.

Simon Cowell: Men Love It, Too

Think Botox is only for women? Not so. Men can look younger by using this product as well. Simon Cowell uses it often and speaking of Botox says, “It works, you do it once a year- who cares?”

Sharon Osbourne: It’s Easy

Sharon Osbourne has nothing but good things to say about Botox. She’s said, “You literally go in, have it done, and out!” She even had the injections done on TV to show people how easy the treatment really is.

Vanessa Williams: “Everybody Does It”

According to Vanessa Williams, everyone in Hollywood does Botox. She says, “No one talks about it, [but] everybody does it.”

Why Botox?

As you can clearly see, celebrities love Botox. Let’s take a look at some of the reasons Botox is so popular, both amongst celebrities and everyday Americans.

  • Quick and Easy: Botox injections take about 15 minutes with no downtime.
  • Effective: Botox works. It is an excellent option for those wanting to reduce the appearance of lines and wrinkles around the eyes, nose, and mouth. We also use it on the forehead and to soften neck bands.
  • Long-Lasting: Each treatment lasts 3-4 months.

One of the reasons Botox is so effective depends on the doctor you choose. It is so important to choose a doctor who has the skill and years of practice necessary to ensure your Botox injection is successful. Drs. Dale and Michelle Abadir are both skilled Botox injectors who have been injecting Botox since the early 1990s. They are able to analyze each patient’s needs and customize treatment accordingly to give the best possible results and avoid complications.

Do you want to try this celebrity beauty secret? Call our offices today and ask about Botox.