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Let Freedom Ring! Free Yourself from Wrinkles

You deserve to look and feel your absolute best! At Abadir Associates, that’s our main goal: to help enhance the beauty that you already have.

Unfortunately, no one is “safe” from the aging process. Sure, getting older beats the alternative, but there’s no rule or law that states our faces have to reveal the year in which we were born. Right now, life is all about making choices . . . so why not make the choice to free yourself from wrinkles?

If you’ve landed on this page, then you’re well aware of what wrinkles are – those pesky creases and folds in the skin that seem to randomly appear when we’re least expecting them. From sun exposure and smoking, to animated facial expressions and unfair genetics, wrinkles form from a variety of reasons.

But now it’s time to take back your skin!

When it comes to fighting wrinkles, a range of treatment options are available, depending on your specific wants and needs. If you make the decision to schedule a consultation with Dr. Abadir, the two of you will work closely together to build a treatment plan for your unique skin. After all, no two people are the exact same, meaning no two treatments plans will be identical, either.

While many believe the only way to effectively treat wrinkles is with the use of fillers or Botox (which do work), topical creams are still an option for those who want something a little less invasive. It’s necessary to pick a cream that contains antioxidants, retinol, and/or coenzyme Q10. Even with these ingredients, though, note that results from these products are not permanent solutions.

For those who are searching for something a little more long-lasting, injection treatments may be a more appropriate option. Botox and Dysport treatments commonly last for 3 to 4 months, in which the muscles below the wrinkled skin are prevented from contracting.

Further, fillers such as Restylane and Juvederm are available to “refill” the skin, while chemical peels, laser skin resurfacing, and even face lifts have proven to be successful for hundreds of different patients.

Beauty is subjective. What makes you feel beautiful? Contact Abadir Associates today to schedule a consultation. Wrinkles may be inevitable, but fighting them is always a possibility!


Sunscreen 101: FAQ’s about Sunscreen

Although it’s important to be cautious of the sun all year long, it’s officially summer now. That means you need to be even more mindful of how damaging sun rays can be to your skin. Simply put, you can’t afford to not wear sunscreen.

At Abadir Associates, we believe in looking good and feeling good, which is next to impossible to do when you’re sunburnt. Therefore, we’ve put together this helpful guide to assist you in picking the best protection for your skin and how to apply it. Take care of your body, because you only have one!

The following are common FAQs regarding sunscreen protection:

Q:  Who should wear sunscreen?

A: In short, anyone who plans to expose themselves to the sun should wear sunscreen. Despite age or race, everyone is at risk for skin cancer. Although sunscreen is not 100% guaranteed to protect you from developing skin cancer, it has been proven to lower your chances.

Q: When purchasing sunscreen, what should I look for?

A: The American Academy of Dermatology states that it is necessary to purchase a sunscreen that offers all of the following:

  • Protection against UVA and UVB rays
  • SPF 30 or higher
  • Water-resistance

Of course, any type of sunscreen is better than none. However, when you use products with the features above, it’s more likely that you’ll avoid sunburn, aging skin, and skin cancer.

Q: How often should I put on sunscreen?

A: The American Cancer Society states that it’s best to put sunscreen on as early in the day as you possibly can. It is imperative to apply sunscreen to your body regularly, especially if you get wet or sweat it off. Don’t be afraid to use a fair amount. Try to put on sunscreen thirty minutes before stepping into the sun and every two hours following for as long as you’re exposed.

Q: Is sunscreen safe to use?

A: Yes, sunscreen is safe to use. In fact, scientists have found evidence that supports using sunscreen to help minimize damage to the skin from the sun. Sunscreen is also proven to reduce the risk of skin cancer.

Q: Can I treat a sunburn?

A: It’s best to avoid a sunburn altogether by regularly applying sunscreen. However, if you do happen to get burned, try soothing your skin with a cool bath, moisturizer, hydrocortisone cream, and ibuprofen. Also, drink plenty of water to keep hydrated.

During the summertime, everyone wants to experience “fun in the sun”, but how much fun can you have if you’re suffering from a painful burn? This season, don’t risk your skin, your health, or your fun – lather up with sunscreen!

Abadir Associates proudly offer a wide variety of skin care products and sunscreens, allowing you to look your absolute best! Contact us today by calling 914-937-7593.




Leg Vein Treatment: Understanding Your Options

If you’ve recently discovered unsightly blue and purple squiggles on your legs, you’re not alone: Spider veins and varicose veins are one of the most common aesthetic complaints in the world. In fact, it’s estimated that over half of all adults in the United States have one (or both) of these conditions. Fortunately, spider and varicose veins are also one of the most treatable cosmetic conditions. Depending on the severity of your vein issues, either sclerotherapy or laser vein therapy should be able to return your legs to a smooth, clear state.

How Does Leg Vein Treatment Work?

Both types of leg vein treatment work by agitating problem veins so that the blood vessels close off. This seals each vein shut, halting the flow of blood, and eventually the remnants of the treated veins are simply reabsorbed by the body. Meanwhile, blood flow is safely routed through other veins below the skin. As a result, the surface of the skin returns to a clear, unblemished state.

Sclerotherapy, which is suitable for small spider veins, relies on the use of a chemical agent (called a sclerosant) that’s injected directly into problematic veins. Laser therapy, on the other hand, makes use of light energy, which penetrates deeply into veins in order to close them. This therapy is best suited to larger, more bulging varicose veins.

Sclerotherapy is the preferred treatment in many cases because it’s faster, less expensive, and less painful than laser treatment (though it should be noted that neither procedure is especially painful). It’s also the most effective for tiny veins that are very close to the skin’s surface and more suitable for people with darker skin. Lasers can, in rare cases, cause discoloration when applied to tanned or dark skin. With all of that being said, however, some people prefer laser therapy. If you’re sensitive to chemicals or have a fear of needles, for instance, laser therapy might be the better choice for you. Laser therapy is also more versatile, being able to target everything from pronounced varicose veins to telangiectatic matting (clusters of tiny blood vessels visible on the skin).

Whichever procedure you choose to deal with your unsightly veins, you can rest assured that the price will be reasonable and the recovery time will be minimal. Most people who have vein treatment performed can return to their normal activities within a day. With such a minimal investment needed and such powerful confidence-boosting benefits, leg vein treatment is a “no brainer” for most people who suffer from visible vein issues. To have your leg vein treatment done by experienced professionals, contact Abadir Associates now, for a consultation.

Best Summer Salads for Your Skin

Nowhere is the old saying “are what you eat” truer than when it comes to the appearance of your skin. While some foods in particular are associated with breakouts (such as dairy products), others—like leafy greens, fruits, and vegetables—are celebrated for their skin-healing properties. Spinach, kale, and arugula, for example, all contain skin-nourishing compounds like vitamin A, C, and K. When topped with some almonds or walnuts for a kick of Omega 3 fatty acids (healthy fats which are reputed to protect the skin) they can form the basis for a powerful skin-healing meal. As Ann Yelmokas McDermott, PhD, a nutritionist at the Jean Mayer USDA Human Nutrition Research Center on Aging at Tufts University in Boston, explains: “[Omega 3] fatty acids are responsible for the health of the [skin] cell membrane, which is not only what acts as the barrier to things that are harmful, but also the passageway for nutrients to cross in and out and for waste products to get in and out of the cell.”

So, what typically combines leafy greens, fruits, and nuts, all in one convenient dish? You guessed it: Salad. This once-underappreciated meal has undergone something of a renaissance in the last decade, and today a number of specifically skin-healthy blends are available for you to try. Some of our favorites include:

Fresh Cucumber and Celery Salad with Mint And Fennel Dressing

Key properties:

  • Diuretic that helps remove toxins from the body
  • Anti-inflammatory
  • Makes two servings


1/2 cup cucumber, chopped into 1/2″ cubes (leave the peel on)

1/2 cup celery, chopped into 1/2″ cubes

1 cup loosely packed spinach

1 bulb fresh fennel (cut the fronds into thin strips and dice the bulb)

1/4 cup fresh mint leaves, stems removed

2 tablespoons apple cider vinegar

1 teaspoon Dijon mustard

1/3 cup avocado oil

Large pinch salt

Large pinch pepper


Combine the mint leaves, fennel fronds, apple cider vinegar, and mustard in a blender and blend on high. Add avocado oil and keep blending until a runny dressing is formed. Mix the fennel, celery, spinach, and cucumber in a bowl. Add dressing and toss.

Avocado, Walnut, and Toasted Coconut Salad with Tropical Ginger Lime Dressing

Key properties:

  • Loaded with skin-protecting Omega 3s and nourishing Vitamin E
  • Hydrating and anti-inflammatory
  • Makes two servings


1 avocado, pitted and cubed

1/4 cup toasted walnuts

1/4 cup flaked toasted coconut

1″ piece of ginger, grated

1 lime (plus zest)

1 teaspoon honey

1/4 cup coconut milk

Large pinch salt

1 cup mixed greens


Combine lime juice and zest in a bowl before adding grated ginger, coconut milk, honey, and salt. Mix vigorously to make the dressing. Toast the coconut and walnut, then add them to a bowl along with the avocado and greens. Toss together with dressing.

Shaved Asparagus and Roasted Grapefruit Salad

Key properties:

  • This salad works to reduce acne breakouts because the grapefruit encourages pores to tighten
  • The high level of Vitamin C in this salad improves collagen strength and helps the skin to cleanse itself
  • Makes two servings


1 bunch asparagus

6 green onions, (remove the tips and ends and cut each in half)

1 medium grapefruit (plus zest)

2 teaspoons honey

5—6 springs thyme, roughly chopped (stems removed)

1/4 cup hemp oil

Large pinch salt

Large pinch pepper


Zest the grapefruit, chop it in half, and place it on a baking sheet (cut side up). Broil for 2—3 minutes, then let cool. Once cooled, squeeze the grapefruit juice into a small bowl and add salt, pepper, thyme and olive oil; mix vigorously to form the dressing. Using a vegetable peeler, shave ribbons off the asparagus, then toss them together with the green onions and dressing. Let sit for ten minutes before serving.

Eat Your Way to Radiant Skin

In addition to incorporating skin-nourishing salads into your diet, try to avoid heavily processed foods; the more whole foods you consume, the better your skin will look. As biochemist Elaine Linker, PhD, co-founder of DDF skin care, advises: “It’s definitely true that diet can play an important role in all skin conditions—not just helping combat wrinkles and lines, but other skin problems as well, including acne, eczema, psoriasis—even dry flaking or very oily skin.” The fastest route to achieving a natural glow is therefore to eat healthily, regularly (The rest of your body will thank you for it, too!). Want to get your skin even more radiant? Contact Abadir Associates, a premier dermatology and cosmetic practice now, for a consultation.






Turn Back Time with These Anti-Aging Procedures!

Now that we’ve “sprung forward” one hour, we want to help you turn back time. Come on in to Abadir Associates for one of these anti-aging procedures. Call today and schedule your treatments.

Injectables- 15 Minutes for a Younger Looking You

Looking younger doesn’t have to take a lot of time. If you have 15-20 minutes, you have time to rejuvenate with injectables. Many injectable treatments require no downtime.
● Botox/Dysport- Smooth away wrinkles caused by muscle movement including crow’s feet, lines between the brows, and forehead creases. Botox and Dysport relax the muscles that cause these wrinkles, allowing them to smooth and fade away. Results last 3-4 months with a single treatment.
● Dermal Fillers- Dermal fillers are a versatile rejuvenation option. We can use them to restore youthful facial volume, to smooth lines and wrinkles, and even to augment the lips. We offer a wide range of fillers, allowing us to customize your treatment to your specific needs and problem areas. Results can last for several months to years, depending on the filler used.

S-Lift- Dramatic Facial Rejuvenation That Lasts

Take years off of your look with an S-Lift, or mini-facelift. This procedure rejuvenates the lower face and neck by repositioning the deep facial tissues. An S-Lift is a popular choice because it allows for very natural looking results with a shorter recovery period and shorter scars than a traditional facelift. Patients find that this procedure is like a reset for their appearance. You’ll continue to age, but you’ll always look younger than you would have without the surgery.

Laser Resurfacing- Discover Your Best Skin

Youthful skin is still possible, but you may need a little help to achieve it. Laser skin resurfacing removes the outermost layer of skin and allowing new skin to grow. We use a non-ablative laser system that removes only the superficial, external layers of skin, leaving the dermis undamaged. This allows for a more comfortable treatment experience with almost no downtime. Laser resurfacing can fade brown spots, smooth lines and wrinkles, tighten sagging skin, and brighten dull skin.
You don’t have to turn back the clock to discover better skin. With our anti-aging treatments you can defy time and look younger, no matter your age. Call us today and schedule your treatments.

From Winter to Spring- Top 5 Tips to Transition Your Skincare

Spring is upon us! Just as your wardrobe needs change with each season, so do your skincare needs. These tips will help you transition your skin from to winter to spring for gorgeous skin all year round. If you need personalized advice or if you have any questions, get in touch.

Give Your Skin a Spring Cleaning

If your skin is looking dull and tired after winter, come on in and give your skin a spring cleaning. By removing the dead and damaged outer skin cells we can uncover fresh, new skin for spring. Chemical peels, dermabrasion, and dermaplaning all remove outer layers of skin. We can help you find the right option for your situation.

It’s Never Too Early for Sunscreen

Don’t wait until summer to start using sunscreen. Ideally, sun protection should be a year round habit. Many common signs of aging are actually caused by the sun. Protect your skin and you’ll age slower and look younger, plus you’ll lower your risk for skin cancer. If you haven’t been using sunscreen regularly, get in the habit this spring. We carry a wide range of sun protection products and can recommend a product for your skin type and lifestyle.

Plan Ahead for Summer

Use this spring to get your skin summer ready. As the weather heats up many of us wear less makeup which means that gorgeous, natural skin is a must. Use this spring to treat brown spots, to smooth lines and wrinkles, and to perfect your skin for summer. If you struggle with acne, stop covering it up and clear it up instead. Our acne treatments can help you discover clear skin again. Spring is also a prime
time to start on those laser hair removal treatments for silky smooth legs without shaving this summer.

Moisturize Often

One of the biggest winter skin complaints is dry skin. Now that weather’s heating up, you may be a little less worried about moisturizing, but don’t slack now. Using a moisturizer, even if your skin doesn’t feel dry, helps to protect your skin and keep it from drying out and becoming irritated. For the spring you’ll want a lightweight, non-comedogenic moisturizer that works with your skin type.

Analyze Your Products- Keep What Works and Replace the Rest

How are your skincare products working?Are you happy with your results or do you have a few concerns? Spring is an excellent opportunity to take stock of your skincare and to figure out areas where you need to change. We know that it can be difficult to find products that work well and carry a full range of top quality skincare products. We’ve taken the work out of finding quality skincare products. Let us recommend products and treatments for your areas of concern.
Love your skin this spring with these essential skincare tips. Call today!



The Beginner’s Guide to Maintaining a Professional Skincare Routine

Beautiful skin starts at home. The weekly, monthly, or quarterly treatments you receive here in our offices are essential for perfecting and enhancing your skin, but you only see us a few times a year. The care your skin gets at home, on the days you aren’t coming in for a treatment, is just as important, if not more so, than the treatments you receive here since it happens much more frequently.

So you want to improve your at-home skincare, but don’t know where to start. Don’t worry; we are here to help. This guide will walk you through the basics, but you are also welcome to come in or contact us for personalized advice and product recommendations. We want to help you achieve your best skin.

Consistency Is Key

Want better skin? The first key to a professional skincare routine is commitment. The best results come from daily, repeated use of professional grade skincare products. Start by figuring out a routine and then commit to doing it daily. The good news is, great skincare doesn’t have to take a lot of time. Just 5-10 minutes a day can dramatically improve the quality and appearance of your skin.

Wash, Rinse, Repeat

If you’re short on time, stick to the basics with your skincare. Daily cleansing is essential. It removes dirt, oil, makeup, and buildup from the skin. At a minimum you should cleanse your skin every evening to remove anything from the skin before you go to bed.

Everyone also needs a good moisturizer, even if you have oily skin. A moisturizer helps to balance and soothe the skin. It also keeps cells plump and hydrated, reducing the appearance of wrinkles. Without a moisturizer your skin may go into overproduction mode, producing more oil than is needed and leaving your skin feeling shiny, oily, and irritated. Moisturize after every cleanse.

The finally skincare must-do is sun protection. Many patients don’t realize that the sun is one of the primary factors driving skin aging. Use sun protection daily, even if you don’t plan on spending time in the sun. Repeated, daily exposure to UV rays take their toll on your skin, even if it is just for 5 minutes at a time. If you’re going to be in the sun for an extended period of time, use a high quality sunscreen and reapply often.

We can recommend products and treatments to treat your specific skin concerns.

Use the Right Products

A professional skincare routine requires professional grade products. These products are specifically formulated to your skin, targeting problem areas and providing your skin with the building blocks for healthy, beautiful skin. We carry a wide range of professional grade products, formulated with clinically proven and cutting-edge delivery technologies to visibly repair and renew the skin. Our advanced formulations incorporate only non-comedogenic and non-sensitizing ingredients. Come see what a difference quality skincare can make.

Great skin starts at home. Change up your skincare and start seeing better skin in just a few weeks.

10 Beauty Tips to Look Luminous All Winter

Don’t let the cooler temperatures of winter irritate your skin! Abadir Associates created this helpful infographic that contains ten beauty tips to make sure you look luminous all winter. Follow these ten tips to have hydrated, healthy skin all season.

  1. When winter begins, visit one of our dermatologists to discuss your winter skincare concerns.
  2. Prevent dry, cracked hands by wearing gloves every time you step outside in the cold.
  3. Remove wet clothes whenever you get back inside to prevent possible irritation.
  4. Use lukewarm water whenever bathing since hot water can strip your skin dry.
  5. Apply body lotion as soon as you step out of the shower to lock in the most moisture.
  6. Fight the drying air from your heater and the winter by getting a humidifier.
  7. Use alcohol-free hand sanitizers to avoid drying your hands from constant washing.
  8. Switch to a foundation with a satin finish since matte ones make flakey skin obvious.
  9. Find your perfect shade of red lipstick and nail polish to not have your skin look washed out.
  10. Wear waterproof eye makeup to prevent running when your eyes water from the wind.

For more winter beauty tips, please contact Abadir Associates.

Winter Beauty Tips

Let It Glow, Let It Glow, Let It Glow: Top 5 Winter Skincare Tips for You


Although the weather outside is frightful, your skin doesn’t have to look ghastly and dull. The frigid weather can wreak havoc on your skin, but you can keep it glowing by taking good care of it.

The first step you need to do is to upgrade your skincare regimen just as you would each time you upgrade your wardrobe every season. What worked for your skin in the summer may not be effective during the winter months. Even if you stay mostly indoors, the harsh weather can still affect the state of your skin.

If you want to look glowing even in the dead of winter, here are the top five skincare tips to put in mind.

  1. Drink plenty of water.

Hydration is key to keep your skin from drying. As you may know, dry skin can cause all sorts of issues, such as pigmentation, which can leave your skin looking dull and uneven. Drinking at least eight glasses of water even if you don’t feel thirsty can provide moisture to your skin.

  1. Moisturize your skin.

In line with keeping your skin well hydrated is to moisturize it constantly and consistently. Even if you’re just at home in your PJs, never forget to put on moisturizing cream. To promote healthy, hydrated skin, choose a moisturizer that contains vitamin E. It is also beneficial to use oil-based moisturizers for optimal hydration. Abadir Associates offer a range of moisturizing products that suit different skin types to provide skin protection.

  1. Use a humidifier.

Space heaters and other heating systems blast hot air to keep the home and office warm. Despite the comfort they provide, hot air can cause dry and flaky skin. A humidifier will add moisture in the air, which can prevent dryness. Additionally, it helps to place humidifiers in areas where you most frequently visit to disperse air moisture evenly.

  1. Shorten hot baths.

It feels soothingly warm to take long hot baths and showers. However, you should refrain from doing so as the heat breaks the lipid barriers in the skin that seals in moisture. Instead of using hot water, shower or bathe in lukewarm water.

  1. Consult a specialist.

There are tons of skin products at your local drugstore, but you may find it hard to find a salesperson who can recommend the right type of products suitable for your skin type. A dermatologist, on the other hand, is trained and certified to evaluate your skin condition, analyze your skin type, and recommend a treatment plan that is most suitable for you.

No matter how cold it is, as long as you take extra care of your skin, you’ll always look glowing. For more expert tips and other skincare treatments, consult our dermatologists at Abadir Associates. Schedule an appointment today.

Alicia Keys and the No Makeup Movement – Skincare Methods for the No-Makeup Look


When Alicia Keys graced the red carpet at the BET Awards for the first time without makeup in June, she sparked a hurricane of mixed responses. Some people threw a barrage of negative comments while others expressed many encouraging words to the 15-time Grammy award winner. They even branded her as a woman of courage for defying the social norm.

Now, many women are mirroring the Fallin’ singer and joining in the No-Makeup Movement. If you’re having second thoughts on jumping on the bandwagon due to dull skin, don’t worry. All you need to do is just take your skincare regimen up a notch so your face can look glowing without any makeup.

Here are some skincare methods you can try to give you that healthy, glowing face and slay the literally no-makeup look with confidence.

  1. Clean your face regularly

Dirt buildup can enlarge pores and cause the skin to breakout so keeping your skin clean can make a difference. However, instead of using harsh cleansers, use a gentle cleanser to wash your face. It also helps to exfoliate your face to rid it of any buildup of dead skin cells, dirt, blackheads, and whiteheads. Regular cleansing and exfoliating of the skin can make your face look glowing.

  1. Keep your skin well moisturized

Although this sounds counterintuitive for someone who has oily skin, moisturizing can actually help keep excess oil production at bay. The reason is if you skip moisturizers, your skin will dry out. This will lead to more oil production and cause pimple breakouts.  In searching for moisturizers, choose the kind that will not clog the pores. Consult with Dr. Abadir to find out what kind of moisturizer is best for your skin.

  1. Protect your skin

Sun exposure is one of the leading causes of wrinkles. Therefore, it makes perfect sense to put on sunscreen before you head out. Even if the sun isn’t shining, it’s still best to apply sunscreen to ensure that no UV rays can penetrate your skin.

  1. Take advantage of cosmetic dermatology treatments

If acne scarring or uneven skin tone is keeping you from trying the no-makeup look, you might want to try cosmetic dermatology treatments first. Chemical peels, laser resurfacing, microdermabrasion and even photo-facials can rejuvenate your skin and enhance its appearance so you can look naturally flawless even if you don’t wear makeup.

The No-Makeup Movement is gaining traction as more women embrace their natural beauty. If you want to join, do it with confidence by taking care of your skin first. Consult today at Abadir Associates on how to rejuvenate your skin.