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Get Rid of that Double Chin and Get Back in Your Photos

double chin treatments

Do you dread taking a selfie? Does the thought of yet another family photo make you want to run and hide? Do you find yourself posting photos of friends and family on social media, but never yourself? If you hate your photos due to an unsightly double chin, call and schedule an appointment today. We can help you get that sleek profile you’ve always wanted. Bring on the selfies!

What Are My Treatment Options for a Double Chin?

Do you have a double chin? Treatment options are available. Come in and talk with us for recommendations on the best course of treatment for your situation. Here are a few of your options:

  • Liposuction- Liposuction permanently removes fat cells from a problem area, like under the chin. This treatment isn’t for weight loss but, rather, for treating localized fat pockets. It is an excellent option for stubborn fat under the chin. It also removes jowls, or fat over the jawline and upper neck. During liposuction, small incisions are made in inconspicuous areas. A cannula is then inserted and suction is used to remove excess fat. This is a surgical procedure and does require some downtime but, once you’re healed, you should enjoy impressive and lasting results. You can still gain weight, but it will be focused in other areas—no longer under the chin.
  • Thermage- Liposuction is an excellent option for removing fat, but it doesn’t tighten up loose skin. We like to combine liposuction treatments with Thermage for fat removal + skin tightening. This can dramatically improve the appearance of a double chin—much more so than a liposuction treatment on its own. Thermage and liposuction work together for synergistic results. A non-surgical option, Thermage works by stimulating collagen production. Results are immediately visible and continue to improve with time.
  • Kybella- We are also pleased to offer a non-surgical, injectable treatment for fat removal under the chin. Newly FDA approved, Kybella destroys fat cells using deoxycholic acid, a natural substance that breaks down dietary fat. Kybella can improve the appearance of a double chin with minimal downtime and no surgery.

No More Double Chin. Call Today!

If you have a double chin, send it packing. These powerful treatments for excess fat under the chin and loose, sagging skin can transform your appearance and make your double chin disappear. If you hate your photos, do something about it. We want to help you love the way you look. Call us today!