How Can Body Shaping Treatments Complement Your Weight Loss?

Losing a lot of weight is a significant accomplishment. The months spent in the gym, watching diets and slowing seeing the pounds drop off requires substantial patience from patients. Once you’ve reached your goal weight, many feel more confident in the way clothes fit now that they’ve slimmed down. With body shaping procedures, you can further enhance your hard work and improve your confidence.

Why Body Shaping and Weight-Loss go Hand in Hand weight loss and body shaping

Losing significant weight isn’t always accompanied by a tighter, more toned figure. Whether your skin will bounce back to a slimmer physique depends on the condition of your collagen and elastin cells. When weight is gained, the skin stretches out to accommodate excess fat cells. This stretches collagen and elastin fibers beyond their usual bandwidth.  Depending on how long a patient spent at the higher weight, collagen and elastin fibers may become damaged and cause the skin to remain stretched out. As a result, patients who’ve spent substantial time significantly overweight and then lose weight are often left with some excess skin that stubbornly refuses to go back.

For these individuals, body shaping procedures are the natural last step in completing a long weight loss journey. Surgical and non-surgical solutions can help tighten loose skin, allowing close to fit better. Depending on where treatments are used, some patients may even find themselves looking (and feeling) younger and more vibrant.

In other cases, excess skin isn’t so much the problem as stubborn pockets of fat. For patients who work out regularly but never seem to make any progress on a particularly resistant midsection, body shaping can be a more effective and noticeable alternative. Some treatments, such as liposuction, offers patients the chance to permanently remove these pockets. So long as the patient maintains the same weight, they shouldn’t see any fat return to the treatment area.

What Are My Options?

Like any other cosmetic treatment, body shaping procedures are uniquely tailored to the person receiving care. While there are plenty of available treatments out there, talking to your cosmetic specialist and communicating your goals is the best way of achieving your ideal figure. At Abadir Associates, our approach to care starts with a one on one conversation to get to know you, your goals and your concerns. From there, we’ll help you find the right solution for your body. Among the most popular solutions available for body shaping at our practice include:

  • Thermage
  • Liposuction of the face and neck

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Body shaping treatments are one way a patient can enhance their appearance and feel as confident as possible in their own skin. Explore your available treatment options and find the best body shaping procedure for your body by contacting Abadir Associates today! Our experts will help you achieve your dream figure and enjoy the fruits of your labor in getting there.

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