5 Reasons Celebrities Love Facial Liposuction

abadir-facial-lipoHave you always envied Kim Kardashian’s striking beauty, Megan Fox’s gorgeous face or even Brad Pitt’s chiseled look? Well, to be honest, celebrities like them are not only blessed with great genes. Thanks to cosmetic advancements like facial liposuction, many celebrities haves enhanced their look to make them Hollywood material.

And you can too. One of the procedures stars love is facial liposuction. Many celebrities have tried it, and the trend will continue to grow as more and more people learn about and realize the advantages of this cosmetic procedure. Here are five reasons many celebrities have undergone facial liposuction and why you should ask your plastic surgeon if this procedure is right for you:

  1. Facial liposuction can be performed along with other procedures.

What’s great about facial liposuction is that it can be done as part of a set of other facial cosmetic procedures such as a facelift, nose surgery, brow lift or even an eyelid surgery. This allows you to consolidate several procedures to one surgery day— saving time, money and post recovery time as well.

  1. It removes double chin without surgery.

One of the hardest areas to remove fat is the area under the chin. No matter how hard you diet or exercise, it’s often really difficult to get rid of. Thankfully, facial liposuction is one of the best methods to remove a double chin for good.

  1. Weight loss is essential for favorable results.

While liposuction is a surgical process of removing fat in targeted areas, weight loss through diet and exercise is still needed to realize favorable results. The same is also true for facial liposuction. You still need to lose weight and try to get as close as possible to your ideal weight in order to be an ideal candidate for facial liposuction. The good news is, once you lose weight, it’ll be easier to target hard-to-remove fat.

  1. It provides permanent results.

Yes, the results of this procedure are permanent. Once the fat cells are removed, your body can no longer store fat in that same area even if you’ve gained a few pounds down the road.

  1. It gives you well-sculpted facial features.

Want to your jaw to be more pronounced like Robert Pattinson’s? Want a chin like Scarlet Johansson’s? Facial liposuction can improve wobbly cheeks and define your profile to help you achieve a more chiseled look.

See if you’re a candidate for facial liposuction – ask for a consult with Dr. Abadir today.

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