5 Areas of the Body You Didn’t Know You Could Get Liposuction


Admit it. Whenever you hear the word liposuction, what usually comes to mind is removal of excess fat from the abdomen, hips, buttocks, and thighs. While these are the most common sites for the procedure, liposuction is not limited to these alone.

Liposuction is FDA-approved as a safe and effective method to remove fat from almost all areas of the body. What’s more interesting is that you don’t have to lose significant weight to qualify the areas for liposuction, which is unlikely if you want to treat the abdomen. Subtle or mild liposuction procedures in these areas can make a big difference to your overall appearance.

As you know, liposuction is designed to smoothen the contours of the body and to give it a slimmer appearance. To achieve a svelte figure, this minimally invasive procedure can remove unwanted or excess fat in the following unique areas using tiny incisions:

  1. The Arms

Toned arms can be hard to achieve if you have excess or hanging fat on the upper arms. If exercise and diet have failed to give definition to your arms, then a light procedure can definitely help. After the treatment, you’ll find it easy to build arm muscles and make them look more pronounced.

  1. The Knees

If, after dropping tremendous weight, you still have isolated fatty deposits in your knee area, then liposuction can help. This procedure can remove the folds and bulges around your knees to improve the contours of your legs.

  1. The Back Torso

Your abdomen and hip areas are not the only ones that can benefit from this procedure. With proper cannula placement, liposuction can banish the infamous love handles and their accompanying creases and folds.

  1. The Neck

If you can’t seem to get rid of your double chin despite following a strict diet and exercise, then liposuction could be what you need. Not only will a small procedure get rid of your “turkey neck”, it can also help define your jawline. This will give you a slimmer-looking, well-defined upper neck.

  1. The Bra Area

It’s bad enough to not be able to wear a swimsuit or a bikini with confidence if the fat bulges still show even when you’re wearing a shirt. Thankfully, liposuction can eliminate excess fat along the bra area, wherein fat often bulges out. Interestingly, liposuction can also be a method for breast reduction.

As you can see, liposuction is an effective procedure in removing fat in atypical areas of the body. If you want to remove fat in an unusual place in your body, consult with our doctors at Abadir Associates. Schedule an appointment today.

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